Full Formatting Service

This is where you take a rest! I do all the hands-on formatting for you. You hand me your unformatted thesis and I hand you the finished product. Along the way, you just make decisions or provide clarification to ensure my formatting aligns with your needs and preferences.

How it works

  1. You use the Online Booking Calendar (at the bottom of this page) to book a date for me to format your thesis. (I require 5 working days from your chosen date to complete the work.)
    • I receive your booking request electronically and send back a ‘Specifications’ form which you fill in and return to me. This gives me a more exact understanding of your thesis and your specific requirements.
    • If needed, we further clarify points on your Specifications form via email, phone or Skype (if you’re outside Australia).
    • I provide you with an estimate of the cost and you decide if you wish to go ahead.
    • If you decide to proceed, we agree on an exact schedule and you pay a non-refundable deposit (25% of the baseline fee).
    • On receipt of your deposit, I confirm your booking and lock it into my calendar.
  2. You send me your source document(s) by the agreed commencement date.
    • I carry out the work within the agreed time-frame (usually 5 working days).
    • I maintain close contact with you throughout the process to ensure my formatting aligns with your needs and preferences.
    • I also notify you of any unforeseen issues I encounter that may have implications for our schedule or costs, and I outline your options.
    • You choose whatever action you want taken (and by whom) to resolve these issues.
  3. When my formatting is completed, I send you a (watermarked) PDF version for your review.
    • You check the thesis and advise of any formatting corrections or adjustments needed.
    • I apply the adjustments, then send an updated PDF for you to review.
    • We repeat this cycle until we reach a fully satisfactory end result.
    • You make the remaining payment.
  4. I send you the fully-formatted thesis
    • I send you the finished thesis files in Word and (unwatermarked) PDF format.


All prices quoted on this site are in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
If  you are living in Australia, the prices quoted include GST.

  • Baseline Service :
    $1,400 (up to 100,000 words, including appendices)
  • With Page Optimisation (Optional but highly recommended – see below) :
    Additional $20 per 10,000 words

For most theses, this is all you will pay.  However, if your thesis is over 100,000 words, has unusually large numbers of tables/figures, or has other special formatting requirements, there may be some additional charges. These are described in the “Possible Extra Charges” section further down this page.

What does Baseline Service give you?

A fully formatted, university-compliant thesis document – structured, styled and stable

  • I deliver to you a robustly structured, submission-ready document which meets your university’s requirements for structure and layout, and which follows standard academic publishing practice.
  • I apply consistent layout conventions throughout the thesis, e.g. typeface, font size, margins, line spacing, page numbering (Roman and Arabic) and footnote numbering.
  • I apply a consistent, distinctive style to every type of content element in your thesis, i.e. headings, subheadings, main text, quotes, footnotes, tables, captions, etc.
  • I implement stable section breaks and other stabilising features , e.g. “sticky” captions that won’t ever separate from their associated figures or tables, and “smart” cross-references (see more about smart cross-references below). These features minimise the risk of formatting being disrupted if you make later updates to the document.

Page optimisation (Optional but highly recommended!)

  • On your request, I will scrutinise and optimise the layout of every single page of your thesis. I’ll adjust the positioning of page-breaks and, where necessary, subtly (but indiscernibly) compress images, tables and portions of text on order to:
    1. Minimise gaping white space at the bottom of pages,
    2. Minimise ragged ends of paragraphs, e.g. where there’s just 1 word on the final line,
    3. Minimise ragged ends of chapters, e.g. where there are just 2-3 lines on the final page,
    4. Maximise flow and continuity for the reader, i.e. a smooth, “easy read”.

I highly recommend Page Optimisation. Publishers nearly always do this to enhance the aesthetics and readability of their publications. It’s labour-intensive so naturally it entails more cost. But it adds a discernible “professional edge” to your whole thesis. .

“Smart” section numbers, “smart” captions, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables

  • I apply self-updating “smart numbering” to every chapter title, appendix title and every numbered section in your thesis.
  • I generate an automated Table of Contents (TOC) based on these titles and headings.
  • I convert up to 40 captions into self-updating “smart captions”.
  • I generate an automated List of Figures and List of Tables based on these smart captions

Tables, images and equations and internal cross-references targeting them

  • I format up to 20 tables by applying a consistent, elegant (and APA-compliant) style.
  • I ensure that when tables span multiple pages, their column headers are automatically re-displayed at the top of the second and subsequent pages.
  • I resize, crop and apply a light border to up to 20 images.
  • I correctly position and sequentially number up to 20 equations.


  • I convert up to 40 manual cross-references (e.g. See Figure 3.2, See section 4.2) into “smart” cross references.

A “smart” cross-reference looks the same as a manual cross-reference but it automatically updates itself if its target object changes its heading or caption number. It also hot-links (“click and jump”) to its target object.

External document imports

  • I import up to 20 pages (as single page images) from external files that you need to include in your thesis (e.g. PDF publications, approval letters, questionnaires and forms).

Printer-friendly and reader-friendly PDF versions of your thesis

  • I create a printer-friendly PDF version of your thesis, including 2-sided printing support if required, e.g. mirrored margins and “smart” page-breaks that ensure that new chapters always start on the right hand side of a page opening.
  • I create a reader-friendly PDF version of your thesis, containing bookmarks (a sidebar feature in Adobe Reader) to enable single-click navigation through the document.

FREE BONUS: 2 hours to review/correct formatting if you need to make late changes

  • I provide 2 FREE hours to review and correct any formatting that may have been disrupted if you’ve had to make late changes to your thesis after I’ve finished formatting it. Typically this situation arises when either:
    1. You notice pre-existing content errors in the formatted version that you simply hadn’t noticed before, or
    2. You give the formatted version to your supervisors for a final pre-submission review and they request some further content changes.
  • Late changes sometimes disrupt my earlier formatting, so I check through your updated version and make formatting corrections as needed.
  • I also generate a new PDF version of the thesis.
  • Unless you’ve made major changes (which is very rare at that late stage), your 2 free hours should cover this comfortably, so in most circumstances no extra costs are incurred.

Possible additional charges

Depending on the exact content of your source documents and on any specialised formatting requirements you might have, it is sometimes necessary for me to perform additional tasks that fall outside my standard Baseline Service. Time spent on non-baseline tasks will be charged at the discounted rate of $90/hr (75% of my normal consulting rate).

Here are some examples. They include the typical charges that apply:

More than 100,000 words

  • Cost: $10 for each additional 1,000 words

Separate chapter files

This charge covers the extra manual handling involved for me if you’ve split your main thesis content (i.e. your chapters) across multiple WORD files. (NOTE: Additional external documents such as PDF publications, approval letters, questionnaires and forms that you wish to insert into your thesis do not attract this charge.)

  • Cost: First file free, then $10 for each additional file

Captions and cross references

  • Converting additional captions to “smart captions”. (Baseline Service includes conversion of 20 captions. Typical cost: $2 per additional caption)
  • Locating and converting additional manual cross references (e.g. “See Figure 3.3”) into “smart” cross-references. (Baseline Service includes conversion of cross-references to 40 targets. Typical cost: $2 per additional cross-reference)


  • Formatting additional tables. (Baseline Service includes formatting of 20 tables. Typical cost: $10 per additional table, depending on size and complexity)
  • Correcting or re-structuring tables – e.g. shrinking and adjusting tables to fit within page boundaries, fixing incorrectly merged columns, manipulating text spacing to achieve horizontal alignment across columns, setting up multi-line headers. (Fairly common. Typical cost: $10-$20 per corrected table)
  • Creating a non-standard table style – e.g. a special colour scheme for text or borders, other decorative features such as alternating (banded) row or column colours. (Extremely rare. Typical cost: $50 per new style)


  • Resizing, cropping and bordering additional images. (Baseline Service includes formatting of 20 images. Typical cost: $5 per additional image)
  • Changing “floating” images and tables to “in-line”. (Uncommon. Typical cost: $2 per changed image)
  • Extracting single images from text boxes, frames or tables. (Rare. Typical cost: $2 per extracted image)
  • Redesign or correction of graphics. (By request only. Rare. Typical cost: $20-$50 per re-design)
  • Converting complex graphics to plain images – especially shape-based graphics in WORD – to simplify positioning and re-sizing. (Rare. Typical cost: $10-$15 per converted image)


  • Positioning and numbering extra equations. (Baseline Service includes positioning and numbering of 20 tables. Typical cost: $2 per additional equation)

External documents

  • Importing additional pages from PDFs or stand-alone external WORD documents. (Baseline Service includes 20 imported pages. Typical cost: $3 per additional imported page)

Multi-volume thesis

  • A multi-volume thesis requires a more complex numbering system across the volumes and a more complex Table of Contents. (Extremely rare. Typical cost: $90 per additional volume)

Timeframe and deadlines

  • Normal turnaround is 5 full business days* from our agreed commencement date, by which time you must have delivered all your source files and other requested information to me.
  • I recommend that you book your work with me at least 1-2 months in advance. My acceptance of your work depends on my availability. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

* For urgent jobs, the turnaround may be reduced if my schedule at that time allows it. There is an additional fee of $300 per day reduced. The minimum turnaround I will commit to is 2 days. If a deadline is so tight it requires me to work on weekends or public holidays, each non-business day worked will incur an additional $300 surcharge.

Rescheduling your booking

Subject to my availability, you are welcome to reschedule your confirmed booking once at no cost, provided you give me at least 2 weeks’ notice. If you change your booking more than once, there is a $100 re-booking fee for the second (and any subsequent) change. For changes made with less than 2 weeks’ notice, a late-change fee of $100 also applies.


I don’t provide any of the following services:

  • Editing, proof-reading, spell-checks and grammar-checks*
  • Manipulating the format of citations or generating a bibliography*
  • Creating or correcting manual tables of contents, tables of figures, etc.

* I can refer you to other professional colleagues if you need support in these areas.

Right of refusal

There are some extremely rare circumstances where I may decline a request to format a thesis. Of course, there’s always room for discussion and negotiation but in general I won’t undertake work on a thesis where:

  • The vertical structure requires more than 9 numbered levels (maximum is 6 for chapters plus 3 for appendices). This is because WORD supports only 9 numbered levels.
  • The main body of the thesis has been written in multiple columns per page,
  • You require the use of WORD’s “Master Document” facility to manage multiple chapter files.

There may also be circumstances where my workload makes it impossible for me to work on a thesis within the required timeframe, or I might make the assessment that the formatting requirements are too specialised for WORD to handle. In these cases, if I decline a request, i will do my best to recommend alternative service providers.

Book online NOW

Use the Online Booking Calendar below to book in for my Full Formatting Service. Even if you’re not 100% sure of your schedule, make a booking now so that we can at least pencil you into my calendar. Better to be safe than sorry.

I’ll be back in touch with you by email in the next 1-2 business days to gather a few more details from you about your thesis and precise requirements. Shortly after that we’ll have a phone or Skype call where we can clarify any remaining issues and you can ask me any questions you might have.

NOTE: I usually need 5 full working days to format your thesis. This includes a feedback step where you review my formatted document and identify any final adjustments needed. During the 5 days there is a “freeze” on content updates. Any new content updates have to wait until I return the formatted document to you. So pick a commencement date that allows for this freeze.

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